Pastor Michael Wayne Winters husband to Dianne L. Winters, and father to Kaylah L. Winters, is a Detroit native with an extraordinary testimony. His young adult life began as a Detroit Police Officer serving out of the 8th Precinct from November 1995 - November 1998. However, his service on the Police Force came to an end on December of 1998, when the young police officer was indicted for conspiracy to distribute cocaine and marijuana to a local Drug Leader.

Finding himself charged in the State of Michigan with possession of over 50 grams of cocaine the young law enforcement officer was forced to serve 10 total years in both state and federal penitentiary. However, over the process of 10 years God truly molded the heart of this young Detroit native, transforming his hardened heart to a heart of flesh. While imprisoned, Michael Wayne Winters II received his calling July 27, 1999 7:30pm in Wayne County Jail. During those 10 years spent in prison God taught Michael His Word through the Holy Spirit in a way that was unaltered by man. The Ministry of Pastor Michael Winters started soon after his adoption into the body of Christ.

While serving his time in prison God used him as a mouthpiece to speak The Word of God within the prison, calling him to serve as an inmate pastor where many men accepted Christ. November 1999, while in prison Pastor Michael Wayne Winters received the vision for the current church Christian Family Ministries with the goal of reestablishing families' one marriage at a time.

Up on his release from prison September 3, 2008 Pastor Winters was licensed and ordained by administrative assistant Hurley J. Coleman senior pastor of Greater Coleman World Outreach Campus C.O.G.I.C. in Saginaw MI. The vision of the ministry is to seek the undesirable and play an instrumental role in the move of God in the city of Detroit, and to this day is doing just that!